Exploring the story of Mary of Bethany washing Jesus’ feet and anointing them with perfume at the family service this afternoon.

On the story table, we had different versions of the story and pictures.  People were invited to find the carving of this story in St Chad’s. The children all found it instantly, in the triptych above the high altar.  (see the photo with previous blog: God is doing a new thing)

The craft table is always popular: people made little boxes out of card, decorated by stamps. Then the boxes were filled with bath crystals, so that they could be given as a gift – a warm, fragrant washing.

Thinking about feet: people were invited to match tracks to the creature which made them.

Experiencing smells: Lots of little jars with different smells to try out and sort into likes and dislikes and other categories.

Saying sorry: working in pairs to wash feet (or hands).  The water in the urn was scented with aromatic oil.  The urn was the one we use to pour water into the font at baptisms. People were invited to think about the dirt that needed washing off in their lives.

The gathering tree: everyone gets their photo taken the first time they come.  Then next time, they find their photo and clip it on the photo tree as a sign that they are here. And they write the date on the back, so we have a record of who has been when.

Praying for other people: you could write names on feet shapes.

Saying thankyou: the flipchart was there for people to write their thank you prayers. Matilda painted a picture of herself.

And then we had hotdogs.

And praise God, there were 10 children and 9 adults today, some families preparing for baptism, some regulars, and a group of kids who came off the street, which is great.

One mum stayed back to help me wash and tidy up, which was great.

And after it all, I stayed in church to be with God and say evening prayer. Then I realised, I had been pouring my very best creative perfume out at the Lord’s feet, 36 feet altogether, not counting mine.