We had spices

Sandalwood, myrrh and spikenard

Bought from the market before the Sabbath set in

Frankincense, balsam and pine

We pounded them well and mixed them with oil

Myrtle, cypress and spruce

The house so fragrant, I wept at the smell

Sandalwood, balsam and spruce

The odour to sweeten the smell of decay

Myrtle, spikenard, pine

Death has taken our beloved away.

Frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood

But when we arrived, the body was gone,

Spikenard, frankincense, spruce

And the angels of light talked of rising

Balsam, myrtle and sandalwood

And yes, looking back, it was wonderful. Truly.

Cypress and pine and spikenard

But all those spices – eighty pounds, already mixed

Myrrh, balsam and yet more spruce

Ready for a body that wasn’t there

Pine, cypress, spruce (again)

The need displaced by resurrection.

Sandalwood, myrtle and just a touch of balsam.


So who needs spices now?

Going cheap.