I went to Ikea and Asda to get some Holy Spirit ideas.

Our next family service will be on Sat 18 May @ 4.00pm.  Put it in your diaries now and come and join us.  It will be the eve of Pentecost and we are doing Holy Spirit.

My aim with the family services is that people do the kind of things they would do in a ‘normal’ church service (whatever that is), but do them in an active way rather than in words.  There will be a story table, where people start when they arrive.  There is a saying sorry activity of some sort, saying thank you, praying for others, thinking, responding (craft), experiencing, giving.  So I am looking for prayer actions on those themes in the context of Holy Spirit. 

So I went shopping.  I didn’t go with a particular plan, just looking for ideas.  And the Holy Spirit gave me some good prompts.

At the entrance of Ikea, there was a bin of free paper hats advertising Ikea for a promotion starting tomorrow.  I spoke to the man and he let me take 6, though I really need at least another dozen.  With the white side up they can be decorated with flames to make a Holy Spirit hat.

In lighting, they had LED lights in glass jars.  Very pretty.  But the LED lights that were (roughly) flame shaped were £15.  Too much.  However, further round the store I found a red and a yellow glass vase (£2 each) into which I can shove cheap plain LED lights.  Nearly as good. 

So the thinking table will have various items and people will be invited to think about what they say about the Holy Spirit.  The table will be spread with a roll of paper and people can write comments and suggestions.  The items will include: windmill, battery, TV aerial, the LED lights in vases, bubbles, torch, perfume, teddy bear (comforter), scarf (comforter), circuit thingy from a computer, old phone, heart ….. and so on.

And in Asda, I got some more paint and pots, feathers (which could be sufficiently flame-like to be used to decorate that hats?), the glowing torch.

So I am on my way, but still a bit to go. 

But it made me think of how I was going round the stores with my eyes open to symbolism and meaning, and investing these object with a meaning their designers ever envisaged in a moment.  So that on the day, children and adults will use these decorative and craft objects to think about the Holy Spirit.  And I pray that through them, people will encounter God. Image