The way our liquid family services work is that when people arrive, they start at the Gathering activity, move on to the story table, and from there can wander round the activities at their own pace.  The story sets the theme for the event.  After 40 minutes, we all meet in church to hear the story and bring all our prayers together. We give thanks to God for the day and for the food.  Then we have hot dogs.

I am really grateful to the small team of people who are coming together to make this service happen each month: Tom and Mavis and Marion.  To begin with, the service had to run in such a way that I could do it on my own, so each activity has instructions written out.  The outline below contains those instructions.


 Pinning photos on the photo tree

 If you have been before, find your picture, put your name on the back and today’s date, and then clip it to the tree.

If this is your first time, WELCOME.  Ask Meg to take a picture of you so that you can clip it to the tree next time.

Or you can draw a picture of yourself.


Bible Story

 Luke 10:25-37

 Jesus told today’s story about a man who had been mugged.

Read the story, or get someone to read it to you. 

The story is on the cards, on page 212 of The Lion Childrens’ Bible and on page 362 The Book of Books – near the bottom of the page.

Look at the pictures. What do they tell you about the story?



 Look at the pictures of people helping others.

Which 2 pictures say most to you about helping other people?

Take 2 hearts and stick your hearts on the 2 pictures that show help for others most clearly.


Saying Sorry

 In the story, the Samaritan poured oil and wine on the man’s wounds.

It was the best medicine he had.

Think about the times when you have hurt other people, or ignored them when they were hurt.

Say sorry to God in your heart.

Ask a friend to dip a finger into the oil and make a cross on the back of one hand, and to dip the finger into the wine and make a cross on the back of the other hand. 

Then you can make the oil and wine crosses on their hands.


Saying Thank You

 Think about the people who have helped you. 

Take a triangle and write or draw a prayer to say thank you to God for them.

You can decorate the triangle if you want to.

Then we shall string all the triangles together to make happy thank you bunting.



 When the man who had been mugged got better, he was very happy.

Decorate a gingerbread man to show how happy he was.

Write your name on a paper plate and put your gingerbread man on it.

You can eat it after your hot dog later on.

Think about how people feel when they get better from injury or illness.



 In the story, the Samaritan gave money to the inn keeper to cover the costs of the man who was mugged.

Any money you give today will go to a cancer charity, to help people who are ill.

Thank you.



 Usually I can find a craft that goes with the theme, but this time I was stuck for an idea.  I found images to colour in and put them out on a table.  I was embarrassed as it seemed such a mundane thing to do.  To my surprise, the children were very happy doing that.  So I learnt something.  Every now and then colouring-in is OK. 


Praying for Other People

 Draw in the face of someone who needs God’s care just now.

Maybe they are poorly or sad.

Write their name underneath.

Tell God about them.