I read and pray the psalms every day.  I love their rich variety, the way they reflect all human emotion, the way they turn my thoughts and fears and delights into words that make sense.  Sometimes I challenge myself to write a psalm as a prayer of praise or lament, putting the thoughts and fears and delights into my own words.  The first time I did this, I was 17.  I am afraid I have lost that early psalm, though I can still recall the way I felt about God when I wrote it. That was over 40 years ago now.


So I am going to start to offer some of the others I write / have written.  This I wrote on 1 July 2013, a psalm for changing times.Image


Time is like a boulder rolling down a hill

Speeding faster and faster.

My years increase and I see change all about me.

I cannot keep up.

The knowledge I gained when young

Affords me nothing in this new world.

I am left behind

By the cultures and technologies of this present age.

But you, Lord, are there in old and new;

In past and present you may be found.

I know that in whatever comes

Your hand will reign supreme.

I will praise you for the comfort of my own world

And rejoice because you make things new.

I will not fear for the future

Because it is moulded by your hands.

I will wait on you in this time of transition

As you shape the world continually.

I offer my simple prayers,

Little tools to shape souls,

That the world may rejoice and give thanks

And acknowledge you as the One above all human powers,

Our Lord and our God.