Another ‘psalm’ for our times.  This one picks up an old theme: God as my rock.



You are my rock.

I will build my foundations on you.


If I run away

I shall surely stumble and fall.


When I walk in your way

My foot is sure, I am safe and secure.


When troubles oppress me,

You hold me up.


You are the strength

That never leaves me.


I rely on you.

I can trust in you utterly.


Nothing and no one else

Supports me like you do.


That is why I call on you now

When my certainties are frayed,


The horizon is lost in cloud

And the precipice is just a step away.


Save me, O Lord, and help me.

Bring me back to a place of safety.


But if I must endure the stony path,

Do not abandon me, but come alongside,

My fellow traveller on a rocky road.