The mountains stand in line

Pointing to you, Creator God.

They are not tame;

Wild and dangerous by nature,

They speak of you.

Their needles point up

So high, so high.

When we climb, our energy is spent

On the lower slopes.

It takes skill and strength and courage

To navigate those peaks;

Skill and strength and courage

To approach you, Maker of the mountains.

Even in summer, they are clothed in snow and ice

And the clouds come over quickly.

When the sun shines

The slopes are alive with light

And the white snow shimmers bright.

Then the weather changes

And the mountain storms bring other lights

Flashing and dangerous.

No wonder people have feared these mountains.

Did they fear you as well, mysterious and dangerous One?

Then the mountains were a challenge to be conquered

A place to test human skill and endurance,

But also a place of beauty unlike any other.

You own children came to these mountains

To find you and be transformed,

To know you, the Holy One, the glory of the furthest peaks.

These mountains stand as testimony

To your grandeur.

We praise you, we worship you.

Our hearts are lifted, our spirits are raised high,

Our song soars,

And so we praise you.