Saturday 14 September is our Fun @ 4 Family Service.  As it’s Holy Cross Day, we’ll be looking at the cross.

Our family services are “liquid” services – we don’t stay in one place in the pews, but move around at our own pace between different activities.  This is what we will be doing:

Bible & Story

  Today is Holy Cross Day, a day for thinking about the cross, the symbol of our faith.

Our Bible readings today help us to think about the cross.

There is also the story of Helena and how she found the cross of Jesus.

Read the stories, or ask someone to read them to you.

Look at the pictures and think about the different ways in which the cross is shown.

 Mark 8:34-35, John 19:16-19, Philippians 2:6-11, Colossians 1:19-20, Hebrews 12:1-2



 Pinning photos on the photo tree

 If you have been before, find your picture, put your name on the back and today’s date, and then clip it to the tree.

If this is your first time, WELCOME.  Ask Meg to take a picture of you so that you can clip it to the tree next time.

Or you can draw a picture of yourself.



 There are so many different ways of showing the cross. 

Look at these crosses and images. 

Some of them are quite delicate, so be careful with them.

What do the different crosses say about what we believe about Jesus?

How do they make you feel?

What do they make you think about?


Saying Sorry

 .Are there things you feel sad about:

things you have said or done, and wish you hadn’t?

Or things you promised to do but didn’t?

Or times when you have hurt other people or yourself?

Write a word or draw a picture to remind you of those things and attach it to the cross.

When Jesus died on the cross, he took all the wrong things we do with him.

God forgives you and wants you to start over again.




 Labyrinth Crosses

A labyrinth is a design that takes you on a journey in a roundabout way.

Most of these designs are based on the cross.

Two of them come from Cathedrals.

 Trace the designs with your finger.

 Labyrinths are difficult to design, but have a go yourself.

See if you can design one with a cross in it.



 When Jesus died on the cross,

he gave us everything he could,

his whole self.

He wants us to learn to be generous 

with money,

with our time,

with our gifts and talents.

Giving money to the church is a way of helping God’s work to happen.

Bring your gift to God today.


Making (1)

 Have a look at all the images of crosses, pictures and real crosses. 

Then use the craft pipe-cleaner wires to make a cross.

You can use the beads in your design as decoration.

You can take your cross home to hang in your room.


Making (2)

 Design a cross on one of the cards and decorate it.

Look at the crosses on the other tables to give you ideas.

We will pin the designs on the altar frontal

for people to enjoy at tomorrow’s service.


Praying for Other People

 Write the name of the person you want to pray for on one of the slips of paper.

Or you can draw them.

Hold one of the holding crosses and say the words:

Lord Jesus, have mercy on ….

And the name of the person you are thinking about.



 Cake arranged in shape of cross (2 slices of iced Madeira cake).