How can I worship?


Firstly in desire ~

I long to offer you

            Something beautiful

                        Whether in words

                                    Or song

                                                Or action.

And that longing in itself

            Is my first offering.


Then it is the gift I bring:

            The word or song or action.

I lay it before you

            Or cast it in the air.


Following that, there is the meaning.

For whatever the gift,

            It is a symbol,

                        A representation

At the heart, it is an offering

            Of myself.


And the miracle is

            That you take it,

                        Whatever it is I am offering

You take it and cherish it

So that it turns to gold and glory

            In your hands.

And then return it

            Multiplied in depth and meaning.


My little gift to you, my worship

            Transformed, transfigured, magnified

Becomes my treasure once again,

            My talent to share and multiply

With all your people.


This I accept.

This once again I offer

            And once more I long for