SESSION 4: The Centurion


Now when the centurion and those with him, who were keeping watch over Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, they were terrified and said, ‘Truly this man was God’s Son!’

Matthew 27:54



I had a good job, a senior management role.  I was doing well.  I was happy with my life.  And then I see something I had never expected, and I found myself in the presence of the Living God. Now what?


Questions to ask yourself:

Have you ever felt like the centurion or had a similar experience?

What happened?

How did the situation develop?

What regrets do you have?

Did anything about the experience bring you a sense of satisfaction?



Find something that reflects your experience and the experience of the centurion.  It could be: a poem, a hymn, a song, a novel or story, another book, a film, a picture or artwork.  Bring it with you to the session, so that you can tell the group what it means for you.




A time for everyone to share their thoughts, memories, experiences and the items they have brought.  Listen carefully and respectfully to what everyone has to say. 




Imaginative Prayer: Imagine that you are standing at the foot of the cross.  Look around you – what do you see?  The women perhaps, the crowds, the soldiers, the religious authorities, the three crosses with their sad burdens.  Imagine the landscape round about.  Hear the noise.  Smell the odours.  And then when you have established the scene, look up at the cross of Jesus.  Look into his face.  He looks straight into your eyes.  What do you see?  What does he see? Then his eyes close.  How do you feel?  (allow 5-10 minutes)


In a time of shared quiet prayer, let each person say what they would want to say to Christ on the cross.  Listen to each person speak, and honour their words.  (allow 5 minutes)


Our Lord and King,

we hold before you all those who lead us in our nation,

in this town/city, in our community. 

Give them the skills and attitudes they need

to lead us with integrity and loving kindness.

And when you call us to responsibility,

give us the courage and the strength we need

to be good servant-leaders for your glory

and rejoicing in the trust you place in us.  Amen