Yesterday I posted the Lent Course I had prepared. We are going to use it in our ecumenical lent group, and I thought people might be interested.  There are now so many options available for lent courses.  When I first contributed to developing the Diocesan Lent Course for Durham in 1984, we had a lot less to choose from.  Though there is plenty of material now, most of it is beyond our reach. Working in a deprived, urban setting, the material we use needs to be inexpensive.  And it needs to inform the head and the heart, and help people grow in faith, hope and love. We have often used the York Courses in the past, but it didn’t inspire me this year.

We Were There! arose from a conversation with Karenza Passmore at the North East Religious Resources Centre: www.resourcescentreonline.co.uk.   It looks at some of the events of Holy Week (and after) through the eyes of some of the bystanders (according to Matthew).  But it’s also about making links with our own lives through that we read and see and hear around us.  Participants are invited to find material (stories, poems, films, images, news stories, etc) that connect with the theme.

If you use it, we would be most interested to hear from you.  Most people will want to use some of the wonderful published material available. 

I hope and pray that you will have a blessed and holy Lent.

The material for We Were There! is available here:

Introduction – this explains how it all works:


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Session 1 – the moneychanger:


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Session 2 – Peter:


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Session 3 – Simon of Cyrene


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Session 4 – the Centurion:


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Session 5 – some who doubted:


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Last Word:


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Leaders Notes – this suggests possible resources that might be helpful, if you have trouble thinking of better things:


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