Thank you.

Thank you, God


When I am struggling,

You take my hand and save me.

When I am overwhelmed,

You give me someone to help.


When darkness closes in

You light a candle

So that I can remember your brightness

And wait in patience for the morning light.


Thank you.


When I think I am abandoned,

I find you there.

When I feel so alone,

You put your arms around me.


When I turn to you,

You never let me down.

When I wait for you,

You show up in unexpected ways.


Thank you, God.


I will rejoice in you,

For you are my God.

I will delight in you,

My closest companion.


Help my trust to grow

And my happiness will be complete.

Show me your love always

And help me to live your love.


Thank you.

Thank you, God