Mark 4:35-end

Today’s story is about a storm at sea. Jesus told the wind and waves to calm down.

It makes us thinks about the storms in our lives and how Jesus can bring peace.

Read the stories – or ask someone to read them to you.

What do the pictures tell you about the story?


Pinning photos on the photo tree

If you have been before, find your picture, put your name on the back and today’s date, and then clip it to the tree.

If this is your first time, WELCOME. Draw a picture of yourself and put your name on it. Then clip it to the tree.

Saying Sorry

Write your name on your origami boat.

Float it on the water.

Ask God to keep you safe.

Dear God, keep me safe

When things are difficult in my life.

Help me to do the right thing.

You care for me – help me to care for others. Amen


People who work on boats know how rough and dangerous the sea can be.

Today, the money that we give will go to the RNLI

– Royal National Lifeboats

– the charity that helps save lives at sea.

Prayers for Other People

Decorate a boat shape (from Baker Ross)

and write the names of the people who need your prayers just now.

Or draw them.


Colouring & Puzzles

Here are some pictures to colour and some puzzles.

They help us think about today’s story.


In Jesus’ story, the sea became very rough.

Imagine what it was like sailing on a rough sea.

Here are some water toys to help you experience the water.

Origami Boat

Origami is the art of paper-folding.

Follow the instructions and make a paper boat.

You may need an adult to help.

Bad Weather / Good Weather

Colour-in the picture of Jesus in the boat.

Decorate the folded flap to make stormy weather.

Underneath, make good, calm weather.

The picture can change from stormy weather to calm weather.

Boat in stormy weather

On the Sea of Galilee, the weather can change very quickly.

Colour in a boat and the sea and storm circle.

Cut out the two templates.

Ask an adult to help you make a small hole with scissors or a pin on the black dot in the middle of the circle and on the boat. Stick a metal brad through it. Open and bend the legs.

Now turn the circle. The skies will go from rain and thunder to calm and sunny.


Decorate a biscuit with blue icing.

Use some of the sprinkles to make waves.

Then use the rice paper shapes to make a boat on top.

You can eat your biscuit after the hotdogs.