The Church of England has designation 1 May 2016 as the first Godparent Sunday.  There are some great resources for this at:


I wanted a prayer for Godparents to take away with them to help them pray for their new godchild.

I couldn’t find one.  There are fridge magnets etc, but I just wanted a prayer.

There are prayers on the website, but they are meant for corporate, liturgical use.  They are “we” not “I” prayers.

So I wrote a prayer, and I will test it out with tomorrow’s godparents.

Here it is. You are welcome to use it.  No charge, but feedback would be helpful.

Prayer for my Godchild

Father God,

I pray for (godchild) today,

That he/she may thrive and do well,

and grow up full of faith and love.

As he/she explores his/her world,

may he/she come to know

how much You love him/her.

Help me to play my part

in praying for him/her,

and looking out for him/her,

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.