We will remember

Those killed as a result of war.

So many wars, so many battles, so many conflicts.


We will remember

The dead of all sides,

The weeping brides and mothers, the orphaned children,

The same loss whatever the politics, whatever the cause.


We will remember

Those who were maimed,

Carrying injuries that change their lives, their futures, their hopes.


We will remember

The devastation and destruction to homes, businesses, economies, cultures.


We will remember

Those left homeless, without jobs or livelihood;

Those left stateless, and those left bitter and empty.


We will remember

That war doesn’t usually bring peace

But generally creates more hurt and division.


We will remember

The politicians who use war as a tool


We will remember

That there is one world

And our brothers and sisters come in every shade and colour of skin,

Speak every language under the sun,

And have the same love of family and country.


We will remember

That we are all in this together,

That what I do affects my brothers and sisters on the other side of the world,

That my choices make a difference.


We will remember

That we don’t all agree, and we don’t have to agree.

We see life differently and that difference enriches us.


We will remember

That when we disagree, there are other ways of resolving our differences

And if we work to understand the other guy, then we are enriched.


We will remember

those who do not remember,

those who want to kill the infidel,

and demolish other faiths and cultures.


We will remember

That peace is not peace

If it is built on injustice or lies or oppression.


We will remember

That we are all made in God’s image

And when we kill or maim,

It is God who suffers most.


We will remember

That this is God’s world

But we try to run it our way.


We will remember

That our God is a god of peace,

Who longs for us to live in peace.


We will remember

That God rules, God is king,

and he has told us how we can live his way.

We pray that he will give us strength to live it.


But we begin by remembering

those who followed the call, took up the challenge,

and went out to defend peace and stability,

prepared to give up their lives for what they saw as the greater good.


We will remember.

We will remember.