I am retiring in 2020 after 19 years in parish ministry, a degree in New Testament and Practical Theology from St Andrew’s University (1976), and theological training with the North East Ordination Course. Having acquired books all through my adult life, I need to down-size considerably – in particular, I am reducing my library to those books I think I will need or want to read in retirement.


These will be available for sale in our Durham house on Friday 11 October 1.00pm-3.00pm and Saturday 12 October 10.00-12.30. Other times could be arranged, particularly Sunday evenings. Albert Street is in the Durham parking scheme, which doesn’t apply on Sundays. There are no parking meters, so visitors’ parking permits are required for weekdays and Saturdays until 6.00pm.


The list below is a sample of the books, clothing, and artefacts available.



Classics of Western Spirituality: Albert & Thomas, Johann Arndt, Thanasius, Jakob Boehme, Bonaventure, Catherine of Sienna, John Climacus, Meister Eckhart, Francis & Clare, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Palmas, Hadewijch, Julian of Norwich, Origen, Pseudo-Dionysius, Richard of St Victor, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Pietists, Apocalyptic Spirituality.

Don Brophy, Catherine of Siena: A Passionate Life

Mary O’Driscoll ed, Catherine of Siena

Gordon Wakefield, Groundwork of Christian Spirituality

Jones, Wainwright, Yarnold eds, The Study of Spirituality

Books on women and spirituality

Books on or by Teilhard de Chardin

A Dictionary of Devotions


Biblical Studies

Learning Greek & Hebrew

Walter Brueggemann, Theology of the Old Testament

John Bright, History of Israel

Ohler, Studying the Old Testament

Soggin, Introduction to the OT

Brenner & Fontaine, The Song of Songs (A Feminist Companion to the Bible)

Matthew Black, An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels & Acts

CEB Cranfield, The Bible and Christian LIfe

Mark Goodacre, The Synoptic Problem

Herzog, Scott, and John Dominic Crossan – books on parables

Jeremias, Rediscovering the Parables

Edward Schweizer, Jesus

Golb, Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls


Commentaries: Luke, Revelation



JV Taylor, The Christlike God

Jahn Maquarrie, Principles of Christian Theology

Davidson & Leaney, Pelican Guide to Modern Theology, Vol 3 Biblical Criticism

Young, From Nicaea to Chalcedon

Swinburne, The Evolution of the Soul



Books on

  • Mission
  • Church Growth
  • Preaching
  • Vocation
  • Pastoral Care
  • Death/dying
  • Other faiths

J Francis & Leslie Francis, Tentmaking

D Hall, Integrity of Pastoral Care

Lyall, Integrity of Pastoral Care



Resources for Parish Ministry:

  • Worship
  • Prayer books & books of prayers
  • Confirmation
  • Baptism

Nick Fawcett, No Ordinary Man 2

The Dramatised Bible

Encyclopedia of Prayer and Praise



History (from my son’s library – text books from Cambridge degree)

Clayton & Coniff, A History of Modern Latin America

Pye & Yates, British Politics: Ideas and Concepts

Stephen Lee, Aspects of British Political History 1815-1914

Norman McCord, British History 1815-1906

Khilrani, The Idea of India

Nial Ferguson, the Pity of War

Charles Oman, A History of England before the Norman Conquest

Harry Coward, The Stuart Age

Mawdsley, The Russian Revolution

Platon & Greenbert, The American Political Dictionary

Arthur Swinson, Defeat in Malay, the Fall of Singapore




Oxford Dictionary of Quotations



Ellis Peters, Brother Cadfael novels



Prayer and spirituality

Grove Booklets

General Synod reports


Church Clothing

Organist’s surplice

Various cottas & surplices

Black cassock (suitable for woman 5’ 4”)



Quirky/Vintage Clothing

Men’s suits – dress suits, a morning suit, cummerbund

Women’s full-length dresses from 1970s

Woman’s dress 1955 (my mother bought it in New Zealand)

Clown trousers and rainbow wig (used for balloon twisting)


Artefacts (mainly of a religious nature)

Kneeler/storage box

“Send for the Priest” set – designed for Catholic homes to get ready when the priest is expected: cross, candlesticks, various containers, all set on a tray, plus leaflet with prayers.

Candle & incense related items


Office Items